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I was contracted to make some commercials and clean up the company YouTube channel.

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I was the Ingestion Lead at IndieFlix in Seattle Washington. I managed the ingestion team, and I also prepared and uploaded Independent films to the IndieFlix service.

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3d printed, primed, sanded, and painted various parts. I assembled, soldered, epoxied, and tested prototype augmented reality helmets/glasses.

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Things I've done

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In 2016 I bought this boat which had been languishing in someone's yard for several years. Needless to say, it was less than seaworthy. Over the course of a couple of months, I repaired the fiberglass, refinished the entire bottom, replaced the thru-hulls, overhauled the engines, mounted zincs, pulled the prop shafts, replaced the packing assemblies, etc. When asked how sure I am of my handyman prowess I can always answer with, "I occasionally put nothing but said prowess between myself and a watery grave."


My father is a helicopter mechanic and a cheapskate, therefore as I was growing up we never took our cars to a mechanic. I inherited both the mechanical understanding and the tightwadedness(I know this isn't a real word). I am comfortable doing most mechanical repairs and have only once needed to take a vehicle to a mechanic (Quadrajet carburetors are the work of Satan).
My girlfriend Katherine and I started a car painting/sales business in 2005 to help pay for school. All told we sold 14 vehicles, and painted 9.

灵隐寺 - Temple of the Soul's Retreat - Hangzhou, China

During the summer of 2011, I spent five weeks studying mandarin at East China Normal University (华东师范大学) in Shanghai. Everyday after class we would set out to explore further than the previous day. It was during this time that I realized quite how much I love travel. I like trying new thing, I like eating new foods, I like meeting different people, heck I even like haggling over things I didn't even want to buy. Near the end of the stay we got to go to Hangzhou where I visited West Lake,and Lingyin Temple.


I think by now it is clear that I am cheap and handy. I can frame walls, run wiring, braze plumbing, do exquisite tile work, paint, etc. I love the satisfaction derived from seeing a job well done and estimating how much I saved by doing it myself.